Our Features

Robust Scanning Limits

Our 404 checker allows for extensive scanning with up to 50,000 internal pages and 500,000 requests for free, providing substantial coverage well beyond typical offerings.

Automated Homepage Scanning

Experience seamless monitoring as our service automatically scans your website, detecting any HTTP errors or unreachable URLs.

Real-time Notifications

Stay informed with immediate email alerts when errors are detected on your site, enabling you to resolve issues promptly.

On-Demand Scanning

You have the power to initiate scans whenever you wish, ensuring your website is always in top condition.

Customizable Scan Speed

Tailor the scanning speed by setting up parallel threads to meet the specific needs and traffic capacity of your site.

robots.txt Compliance

Our robot honors your robots.txt settings, ensuring only authorized areas of your website are scanned.

Multiple Website Registration

Easily manage and monitor multiple websites from a single account, streamlining your oversight and error tracking processes.

Completely Free Service

Take advantage of our fully-featured scanning service at no cost, making website maintenance easy and accessible for everyone.

Pause Regular Scans

You can pause regular scans whenever necessary, providing flexibility for website updates or maintenance.

Adjustable Scan Interval

Choose how often your website is scanned, with options ranging from daily to monthly, to best suit your site's activity and needs.

URL Blacklisting

You can blacklist specific URLs to prevent them from being scanned, giving you control over which parts of your website are monitored.

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